Call for nominations

September 29, 2020

Dear Members of the Western Community, 

I’m writing to invite nominations of campus community members who are interested in playing a role in the development of Western’s next strategic plan.

Western’s existing plan, Achieving Excellence on the World Stage, was adopted in January 2014 and it has served us well.

As we enter a new era filled with new challenges and opportunities, the timing is right to revisit our priorities and think collectively about what the next chapter in Western’s future should look like.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will help lead the process of envisioning our future. The Steering Committee will include thirty-seven members comprised of the following:

(a) Twenty-one members nominated by an open nomination process and approved by Senate:

  • Eleven members representing faculty, ensuring representation from every Faculty
  • One member representing postdoctoral scholars
  • Three members representing staff
  • Two members representing research leaders
  • Three members representing the University Students’ Council (USC) (In addition to the Ex Officio member listed below) CLARIFICATION:These three positions are open for nominations (including self-nominations) for any undergraduate students, including those in second-entry programs (Business, Law, Education, and Medicine & Dentistry).
  • One member representing the Society of Graduate of Students (SOGS) (In addition to the Ex Officio member listed below) CLARIFICATION:This position is open for nominations (including self-nominations) for any graduate student. 

(b) Ten Appointed or Elected members:

  • One member elected by Senate (In addition to the Ex Officio member listed below)
  • Two Deans appointed by the Provost
  • Two members elected by the Alumni Association
  • Two members elected by the Board of Governors
  • Three members named by the Chair in consultation with the Chair of SCUP and senior leaders, one of whom will represent the London-Middlesex Community

(c) Six Ex Officio members:

  • President & Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
  • Vice-President (Research)
  • Chair of SCUP
  • President of the USC
  • President of SOGS 

The Committee’s tasks will include leading a series of public consultations and advising on the new strategic plan. Our work will culminate with the development and presentation of a new draft plan for review by the Senate Committee on University Planning (SCUP) and subsequent consideration for approval by Senate and the Board of Governors.

Criteria for Steering Committee member nomination and selection:

  • Nominations will be accepted for the membership outlined in section (a) above
  • Nominees must demonstrate a high level of engagement with campus life
  • Nominations from a diverse range of community members are welcome and encouraged to help ensure the Steering Committee reflects the diversity of our campus community
  • Depth and breadth of experience in various aspects of university life will be key assets
  • Self-nominations are welcome, and nominations of others must be confirmed by their willingness to serve and a letter of interest (see below)
  • The Chair, and the Chair of SCUP will bring forward a draft slate of twenty-one recommended names selected from the open nomination process for the Senate Nominating Committee to discuss, modify and ultimately ratify
  • Senate will then vote on the slate of names recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee
  • Full Terms of Reference are available online

Requirements and deadlines for nomination: 

Deadline for nominations is 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 9.

  • All nominations must be accompanied by a letter of interest, not exceeding 250 words, outlining the individual’s qualifications and motivations for seeking membership on the Steering Committee, as well as a short bio not exceeding 100 words.
  • Nominations, including self-nominations are to be emailed in confidence to the Acting University Secretary, Amy Bryson, at

Thank you for your consideration as we undertake this important work together. 

Yours sincerely,

alan shepard signature

Alan Shepard
President & Vice-Chancellor