Professor Richard Puddephatt,


Richard PuddephattRichard Puddephatt was educated at University College in London, Eng. where he received his BSc in 1965 and PhD in 1968. He took a position as lecturer and then senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool before coming to Western in 1978.

Author of 535 scientific journals, Puddephatt has received many awards locally, nationally and internationally. He is regarded as a world expert in platinum and gold chemistry.

“He continues to be excited about chemistry and the possibilities that it still holds, thereby maintaining his strong reputation as a ‘jewel’ in his field,” says a nomination letter in support of Puddephatt.
The letter continues, “Dick’s strong research career has frequently overshadowed his equally strong performance in the area of teaching. Dick is an excellent lecturer and has taught at all levels from freshman courses through to senior graduate courses.”

In fact, Puddephatt was the recipient of the Pleva Teaching Award in 2004.
Puddephatt has been the designated leader of the Inorganic Chemists in his home department and has been a key participant during faculty recruitment initiatives and major equipment acquisitions. He is currently the Senior Editor of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.
Puddephatt says the award is a great honour.

“It’s nice to be in the first group of awardees and get recognition from people that know me,” he says. “It’s not going to change my life; however, I plan to carry on much as before.”