Dr. Chakma in consultation with Faculty of Music

Engaging the campus community...

Meeting Archive

Since the middle of April, I have been consulting with colleagues across the campus community through a series of town hall style meetings. This has been a great opportunity for me to hear concerns, address some issues and hear ideas on how we can make Western an even better university.

If you also have thoughts or ideas you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to contact me at amit.chakma@uwo.ca

Here are the groups I've met with to-date:

  • Faculty Students’ Council President/Delegates and Representatives of the University Students’ Council Clubs Community
  • Faculty of Law Senior Leadership Group
  • Librarians, Archivists and Staff in Western Libraries
  • Professional Managerial Association (PMA) Executive
  • Ivey Business Council
  • Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry town hall with faculty and staff
  • Faculty of Education town hall with faculty and staff
  • Don Wright Faculty of Music town hall with faculty and staff
  • Graduate Education Council
  • Faculty of Health Sciences town hall with faculty and staff
  • Campus Council (union and employee group leaders)
  • Arts and Humanities Faculty Council
  • Arts and Humanities Working Group
  • Faculty of Engineering town hall with faculty, staff and students
  • Faculty of Social Science academic leaders groups
  • Science Faculty Council
  • Western Student Senators
  • Department of Modern Languages & Literatures faculty and staff
  • Senior Administrative Management team (direct reports to VP, Resources & Operations)

In addition to these larger group meetings, I have met with other smaller groups of faculty members, union executives, and student leaders. I have also met on an individual basis with faculty, staff, students and alumni.